Simply The Best Since 1983
Simply The Best Since 1983 

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Since our inception in 1983, our Mission has remained the same;

We want to design and build your family the Best Home, the Safest Home, the most Affordable Home, using the best Quality Home products available, by

applying our Knowledge of Homes, our Experience in Home designing, to your new Home project. 



Atlantic Drafting Services has been in the Home Design Business since our inception in the year 1983


With our experience and knowledge as an Architectural Designer as well as a Class (A) Builder working with home owners such as yourself and many builders through-out The USA and other Countries, we can offer you our knowledge and experience in Designing and creating your home using your sketches and ideas in the designing of your home or project. We are by far the most qualified in the business. We can and have designed many homes using many various types of building material such as I.C.F. (Insulated Concrete Forms), Steel-Metal Framed Homes As well as Standard Construction materials. We have received many awards for our quality and knowledge of our services.


We also have many pre-drawn homes, sheds, and garage plans offering you a wide assortment to choose from at a lower rate.

We specialize in assisting home owners all over the country, including areas outside of the U. S. Such as the Cayman Islands for the Baxter family, and a home for the Williams’ in the Philippines. We have designed homes for over 60 Builders.


Since 1983 we have Designed, Built, and Managed hundreds of projects, houses and much more.  Since our inception we have been Designer of the Year for multiple years. In the Parade of Homes our designs have been showcased in many categories such as Best Home Designer, Best Kitchen Designer, Best Bathroom Designer.  By applying our knowledge in this field, we can walk you through the design process, up to the finished project.  When designing a home, it is our goal to have only minimal waste in the building materials, which saves you money. Ask us how our Architecture, Home Designing and planning helps save you money?

  • Home Designer for multiple years
  • Kitchen Designer for multiple years
  • Bathroom Designer for multiple years
  • Parade of Home winner for multiple homes in Virginia and Georgia
  • 1999 Recreational Sports Complex of the year; Lynhaven Sports Complex in; Virginia Beach Virginia
  • Southern Family Home designer for multiple years


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